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We Can Protect Your Investment

Any time you make a real estate deal, you are embarking on a high investment venture with potential for significant gains or losses. The Lynn estate planning lawyers of BOS Legal can guide you through all the intricacies of buying or selling your home, providing you with a clear understanding of all the risks and benefits.

In addition to helping home owners who are either purchasing or selling their homes, we also handle other areas of real estate transactions including zoning, ordinances, tax abatements, etc.

Are You In The Process Of Buying A New Home or Property?

Real estate documents are, unfortunately, full of legal terminology that can be difficult to understand without experience. Our team of knowledgeable attorneys can review your documents and help you with:

  • Reviewing the Purchase and Sale Agreement with you and ensuring that the terms are in your best interest
  • Reviewing the commitment letter as well as the letter from your lender to ensure that all of your questions are answered
  • Reviewing the warranty deed from the seller
  • Conducting a title search on the property to ensure that you’ll be getting a clean and good title, free and clear of any potential encumbrance
  • Working with you to resolve any potential or actual title problems
  • Reviewing the closing documents with you pre-closing and answering your questions
  • Requesting final reading for municipal water and electricity to avoid inflated estimates at closing
  • Preparing all the necessary title insurance paperwork
  • Making sure that the closing time and place is convenient for you and being present with you during the closing and explaining the role of each of the document you sign
  • Recording your deed and other documents including preparing and recording homestead documents
  • Ensuring that you receive your title insurance policies
  • Making sure any disbursed funds are received
  • Answering any questions that you may have regarding any aspect of the transaction post-closing

Are You The Seller In A Real Estate Transaction?

We also are experienced from handling things on the seller's side of a real estate transaction. Our services include:

  • Reviewing and negotiation favorable specific terms of the contracts including the sale price,
  • Ensuring that the deed is prepared with other closing documents;
  • Ensuring that any defects in title are resolved
  • Arranging a mutually convenient time and place for closing;
  • Accompany you to closings and ensuring a clean and clear title is conveyed; and
  • Post-closing, providing updates of any facts that affect the property interest, and legal advice should any difficulties arise.

Don’t leave anything to chance in a real estate transaction. Contact our experienced Lynn estate planning lawyers at (781) 596-0151 to discuss your case.

Our Mission

Our firm's mission is to bring a unique mode of lawyering to every facet of our practice that hinges on treating clients with the utmost sense of respect and dignity and ultimately achieving for them, their desired outcome in each and every case.