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Since the real estate bubble popped in 2006, more and more Americans have been fighting off foreclosures on their homes and property. The decline hit its lowest point in 2012, and while things have been improving since then, many people are still dealing with the consequences.

The unfortunate truth is, many bankers and lenders were setting up people to fail, making it impossible for many people to pay off their mortgages. The silver lining is that their negligence, willful or not, can be used in your defense when fighting foreclosure. Reach out to BOS Legal to find out how you can protect your property with our aggressive foreclosure defense lawyers in Lynn, Massachusetts.

You don’t have to accept foreclosure without a fight. Contact BOS Legal today!

We Can Use Foreclosure Laws to Your Advantage

Foreclosure is a frustrating complication to deal with, but there are many ways you can use the laws regarding foreclosure to defend your property. Our team knows foreclosure regulations inside and out, and can help you figure out how to use them to your advantage.

If you are dealing with any of the following situations, it is time to reach out to an attorney:

  • You are currently one or two months behind on your mortgage
  • The value of your home is so much less than your mortgage
  • Foreclosure has already started or you have received a Notice of an impending foreclosure
  • You believe you may have been a victim of the predatory and unfair lending practices
  • You have received a service members complaint from the Massachusetts land court
  • Your mortgage company forced you into default by adding inappropriate and unwarranted fees and outrageous force-placed insurance premiums

We can perform a detailed analysis of your loan and take the foreclosure process apart piece for piece. There is a chance your mortgage brokers or loan offers acted unethically, allowing us to challenge the process. Failing that, we can help you explore alternatives to foreclosure that protect your interests.

Don’t file for bankruptcy or accept a foreclosure before speaking with a capable Lynn foreclosure defense attorney. Call us today at (781) 596-0151.

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Our firm's mission is to bring a unique mode of lawyering to every facet of our practice that hinges on treating clients with the utmost sense of respect and dignity and ultimately achieving for them, their desired outcome in each and every case.